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Neutral balance sheet - comparison view

Have you tried our neutral balance sheets? There are actually three view options, table view, card view and comparison view. The comparison view is great when you are in a mediation to get a quick overview.

These instructions show you how to launch the neutral balance sheet from the home screen, and also how to open the comparison view.



Compare balance sheets

In this neutral balance sheet you can see that the liabilities and superannuation are shown as green, this card just focuses on the items that need resolution (in this case two items). It is really great for an overview of what is happening, and what needs to be resolved.


Want more tips or tricks?

If you want more information about the features that are available for the spreadsheet, or instructions for those features, then you could visit this page on our website.

We also post tips and tricks on our Instagram account which you can visit here, and we share them with our mailing list for our subscribers. If you are not receiving those emails reach out to Janis at so she can add you to the list.

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