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Pre-FDR Property Session - Go back to the Balance Sheet and Model Proposals for Mediation

We are up to step 5 of the Pre-FDR Property Session review, which is reviewing the documents and recommendations for each of the assets or liabilities.

You can model the various property settlement options for the party using the sliders, and then save each option as a version. Often parties are considering more than one scenario so this can help them to visualise the differences between those scenarios.

For a quick overview of versions you can watch this video.


Prefer a blog post?

If you you would prefer a blog post regarding using versions which includes screen shots then you can read that here.

You can also read this blog post which shows you how to use two pool calculations.


More help?

Have you visited our Mediator help page, with a flow chart to help you find the information that you need for the stage that you are at. Click on the laptop image below to visit that page.

You will find more videos and blog posts with instructions to use the product to conduct an effective and efficient mediation. Please let us know if there is another topic that you would like us to provide instructions for.


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