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Preparation for mediation - prepare your Agenda

In preparation for your mediation you should prepare an Agenda, as much for your benefit as the parties. To find your agenda just look at the bottom left hand of your screen while you are in the neutral balance sheet.

You will initially get a blank Agenda, it is up to you whether you include automatic items, build out your own agenda, or some combination of the two. Simply click on the 'Include automatic items' button to see what is there.

What you add here is really a personal thing, dependant upon how you run your mediations. You can print off the Agenda if you are doing a physical mediation, or you can screen share if you are doing it by Zoom.

You may not want the automated list of assets, but you may want to focus on items in dispute. You may want to leave the Agenda blank and wait until the parties make their opening statements and use that to inform your agenda.

As steps are completed or matters are agreed you can then tick them off.


More help?

Have you visited our Mediator help page, with a flow chart to help you find the information that you need for the stage that you are at. Click on the laptop image below to visit that page.

You will find more videos and blog posts with instructions to use the product to conduct an effective and efficient mediation. Please let us know if there is another topic that you would like us to provide instructions for.


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