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State and Territory based emails

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

At the beginning of the week we sent out our more specific emails to our subscribers, including information specific to their State or Territory. If you would like to receive the latest email for your State or Territory then please join up to the relevant mailing list.

In this week's email we also covered the following topics -

Webinar - the stress of being a family lawyer

This meme is popping up a lot, in different forms, because we all feel this at some point. You can register here to receive the recording and paper from our time recording webinar this week where we discussed how you can start collecting data on your own busienss to try and improve your workflow in order to reduce some of the stress in your family law matters.


Bench book

The 2020 National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book has been published recently, you can view it here.  The link below is to the specific family law section, though you can also use the link to review other parts of the bench book.


When was the last time you looked at your marketing plan or considered your sales funnel? If you want to revisit all of that then you can sign up here for our five part marketing plan.


We also have information that we send out that is specific to each state. If you complete the form below you will automatically be sent the latest state based email.


Client feedback

The thing with our product is we want to do one thing, family law property matters, really well. That is why our spreadsheet is user friendly and much easier to use for complex property settlements.  If you would like a free trial, no credit card required, send me an email at

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