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Superannuation and Family Law

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Following feedback from all of you during previous webinars, but particularly following the feedback from our webinar with Professor Patrick Parkinson, we were pleased to provide you with this superannuation webinar. You can still get a copy of the webinar using this form.

This webinar was free and we covered a number of topics, including -

  1. What are the different types of superannuation funds?

  2. What information/documents should be obtained for each super fund

  3. Defined benefit superannuation - what is it & how is it valued for family law vs scheme purposes?

  4. Self managed superannuation funds

  5. How to answer the superannuation questions in the Application for Consent Orders

  6. Payment of superannuation as per a superannuation split

  7. Impact of initial superannuation on property settlements

  8. Impact of COVID & early release of superannuation

  9. Topical superannuation issues

  10. How FamilyProperty & SuperInfo can assist

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Fiona Kirkman

CEO & Legal Founder FamilyProperty

Principal of Kirkman Family Law

Accredited Specialist in Family Law, mediator, FDRP, Lecturer

Dan Blackman

Super Info is Australia's leading provider of online Family Law Valuations for Australian Government defined benefit superannuation schemes and has been providing online valuations since 2017. Super Info’s Canberra-based team has extensive experience providing high quality information to members of the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (PSS), Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS), Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) Scheme, and the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MSBS, but also known as MilitarySuper). Super Info's co-founder, Dan Blackman, has previously held senior training and leadership roles with the Commonwealth Superannuation Administration (ComSuper), which included managing ComSuper's contact centre from 2003 to 2004. While working at ComSuper, Dan was involved in managing the implementation of the superannuation splitting and valuation arrangements in 2003, and the introduction of the separate valuation methodology in 2004. Super Info has coupled Dan's expert knowledge with powerful technology to enable instant and affordable online Family Law Valuations. You can visit there website at to find out more.

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