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Upgrade to dashboard

Once your client has completed their questionnaire you can still get more information from them, either by having a web conference with them and screen sharing this information or by sending them the client portal to upload their documents.

Once your client has completed their questionnaire you should get an email. You can click on the link in the email, or you can go into FamilyProperty and open your matter in there.



You will need to scroll down to find the Finished button.




Click on the link that says "Go to the dashboard view". This is also sometimes called upgrading to dashboard, or spreadsheet view.


This is what you will see when you upgrade to dashboard. There are no sliders yet, because you need to propose something, but all of the information that the client or party has put into the questionnaire is here in the dashboard or spreadsheet.

If you want some instructions on what to do once you have upgrade to dashboard then you can read more about that here.


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