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Becoming a member so you can access the help forum

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We have launched a new help forum, but it is only for subscribers. In order to make sure that others don't get access to our forum you need to become a member of the site. You don't use your existing FamilyProperty username and password that you use to access client matters, this is a separate system. For security reasons we don't know that password, therefore we have not imported that username and password into the help forum.

You can sign up here - - don't click on Log In click on Sign Up

After you have signed up and I have approved you as a member you can then visit the help forum.


If you want some instructions that you can print or email to someone, then I have prepared a PDF for you.

Become a member
Download PDF • 109KB

If you have any trouble with becoming a member then please let Janis know, we would love for you to check out our new help forum so we want to help you all get registered.

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