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FamilyProperty Security

Security FAQs: 
Last updated: 23 March 2023

Security and privacy is of paramount concern to us. FAMILYPROPERTY is built on the Google Cloud Platform which implements state-of-the-art security controls (read more about their ​cloud and data-centre security compliance​, and the ​Google Cloud and Australian Privacy Principles​). Data (including all uploaded files) within FAMILYPROPERTY is encrypted at every stage, from browser-server transmissions, data processing, and when stored. All data is stored within Australian based data-centres. We don't store any credit cards, instead we leverage the best in the business and use Stripe as our payment processor. We have support for two-factor authentication to provide extra security for your account.

Is Google Cloud less secure than a self-hosted option?


The short answer is no. Google invests millions of dollars every year on maintaining and improving their industry level security controls, infrastructure and networks. They hold every level of certification and accreditation required for commercial data-centres, and processors that store and process sensitive data. Their entire reputation is based on their ability to execute their security controls flawlessly.

Who owns the data that is entered into FamilyProperty?


As the mediator or lawyer that has created the matter, you own all the information, data and files that are entered into FAMILYPROPERTY. We have provided easy ways to export your information stored within each matter in the form of Word document exports, individual file downloads, and ZIP packages. FAMILYPROPERTY may need to access and view your data to assist with your questions, technical support requests, training or other issues. FAMILYPROPERTY will only access your data where it is reasonably necessary to address or complete your requests or issues.


Is information stored in FamilyProperty re-used or shared?


Absolutely not. It's secured and only accessible to people you determine. All information added into FAMILYPROPERTY is your property. We do not share, sell or expose your information in any way, shape or form.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?


You can enable two-factor authentication to make your account even more secure. When you enable two-factor authentication, every time you login, you’ll be prompted to enter a generated access code, which will be provided via a connected mobile application (​Google Authenticator​) on your phone.This works at the individual level rather than at a firm level, which means each user within your firm would need to enable 2FA on their account individually and connect it to their phone. It takes only a minute to complete the setup process.


To add this, click on … at the top right-hand side of your screen, and click on ‘My Account’. Then under the ‘Security’ section, there is an option to enable 2FA.

FAQ image #1.png

Is there a limit on how many matters I can create or on the size of files uploaded?


With FAMILYPROPERTY you can create an unlimited amount of client matters, and there is also no limit on the number of files/documents that can be uploaded within each matter. There is however a size limit of 50mb per file/attachment.


Is there a limit on how many users can access FamilyProperty within my Firm?


No limit. The administrator for the firm can add as many users as required. Each user can create their own matters and assign team members to have access to those matters as required.


Can I modify and delete the data that has been stored within FamilyProperty?


You can update the information stored within matters at any time, even if the matter has been archived. Additionally, you can delete matters and any matter attachments as needed.


What happens to my data?


Your data within FamilyProperty will be stored, protected and available as long as you have an active FAMILYPROPERTY subscription. At any time, you can export your data out of FAMILYPROPERTY in the form of Word documents and file downloads (including ZIP packages). If you choose to cancel your subscription, any files that you may require should be exported to another location prior to cancellation. In accordance with our service agreement, your data will be stored on your behalf within FAMILYPROPERTY for at least 7 years or will be subject to deletion upon FAMILYPROPERTY giving you 20 days’ notice.



How is information safe-guarded within FamilyProperty?


All information stored in a FAMILYPROPERTY matter is completely private, only accessible to people you explicitly provide access to. Only those given Admin or User access, can add or amend any of the information in the matter.

Have questions? 

This information is regularly reviewed and updated. It should be regarded as the primary source of truth regarding security within FAMILYPROPERTY. 

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