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Automated client intake

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Are you looking to automate your family law practice but don't know where to start? You have probably been told that in order to do automation properly you need to invest a lot of time. That is correct, except, we have already invested the time at FamilyProperty for you. Our client intake questionnaire really is ready to go, plug and play, out of the box.

We have invested the time for you FamilyProperty launched a beta test for their product, including an automated client intake questionnaire, over 18 months ago. The client intake questionnaire was always the centerpiece of this product. Before the launch one of our Directors, Professor Patrick Parkinson AM, and his son spending a year getting the questions to be as user friendly as possible while still collecting all of the relevant information. Since the launch we have continued to fine tune this intake process. The time has already been invested, this product is ready for you to use.

We are still changing as our professions change

We have made a number of changes over time because we love feedback and we are always improving. Recently we added the option to customise our client intake questionnaire, so that you can choose which sections of the questionnaire to send to your clients. As our product is used by different parts of the family law ecosystem (private lawyers, government lawyers or mediators for instance) we received feedback that those users will need different information from their clients, and not all of the users want all of the information from all of their clients. You can read more about customising your client intake questionnaire here but it isn't complex, there are 12 boxes that you check or uncheck whenever you send a questionnaire to your client.


We have instructions for you regarding how to send the questionnaire, and instructions that you can send your client to get started with the concessionaire. Just click on the relevant link below.

If you would like to sign up for a free trial then you can head over to our home page.

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