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Pre-FDR - Confirm or update the identity, ownership and value of all items in the Balance Sheet

The second step for your Pre-FDR Property Session is to confirm or update the identity, ownership and value of all items in the balance sheet.

The goal here is to review the information for yourself and update anything that needs to be updated. You can have a look at these blog posts or videos, or scroll down for some examples.


Attaching relevant debts and liabilities

It can be quite helpful in preparation for the mediation to attach liabilities and assets that belong together, such as a house and the attached mortgage. This visually indicates to the parties that they cannot, for instance, say you keep the mortgage and I will keep the house. It also provides an easy subtotal for the asset and debt, and it even calculates the split as you move the slider back and forth. To read more about how to do that follow this link.


Updating values

Perhaps there is an obvious error in an asset, or perhaps you have spoken to the party so you know that what they have typed into their questionnaire isn't correct. For instance you have spoken to them about their $800,000 house, but they have typed $80,000 into the questionnaire. Just click on the value itself and you will get this box, fix the value, click update.


Add another asset or liability

If you know that an asset or liability is missing it is really quick to add it. Just click on the button shown below.

You have now successfully added to the client portal that you need paperwork regarding their last bonus payment.


Want more help?

Have you visited our Mediator help page, with a flow chart to help you find the information that you need for the stage that you are at. Click on the laptop image below to visit that page.


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