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We have created a new help forum so that our subscribers can get maximum value from the product. We have split the help threads into lawyer and mediator to make it easier for you to find what you are after, and the search function inside of the help forum is very effective so you should quickly find an article that covers your issue.

The help forum is for members only, so you need to be a member in order to sign in. If you are a subscriber you can visit this site to sign up -

You can still email Tim Kirkman with any help requests at we are not changing any part of our existing help system, we are merely adding to it.

As we build it out your help forum will include not just articles to help you to use the product (though those are in there) but also business tips to help you to use the product to secure business or improve your website or social media presence for your prospective customers.

You can find the help forum here - Help forum | FamilyProperty

Everybody can post in the help forum, so if you have a question you could also ask the question in there and tag one of our team (maybe Janis DC or Tim Kirkman or Sam Eades). Then if someone else has the same question, your question (and our answer) will come up with they use the search function. If you want to tag someone then just type @ and start typing the person's name.

You can also comment on posts, so if one of the posts is close to what you are after but you have a further question you could comment there.

Again, please go ahead and use your existing email addresses and mobile phone numbers to contact our team, this is just another option for you.

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