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Legal update - the new normal

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Family Courts have issued an update to the profession about listing procedures and the "new normal", this time spelling out what happens to different types of Registrar or CDS matters in more detail.

Update to the Profession - COVID-19 Registrar and Child Dispute Services (CDS) listing measures arrangements

This document is not a practice note but a list of key overarching principles. There is quite a bit covered in the lists so you should definitely have a read for yourself, the link is below.

It spells out for instance that all Discrete Property Lists, PPP500 Lists and Contravention Lists will be conducted via telephone or video, and proposed consent orders can be submitted by email, but an ADR conference will not happen by video conference if a party objects.

In relation to Senior Registrar lists parties who request apperance personally should contact the Senior Registrar’s chambers by email and provide a brief outline as to why the matter is urgent and should remain listed for a face-to-face hearing, and matters in a Magellan List are automatically 'urgent' for those purposes.


Child Dispute Services (CDS) - in-person interview protocol (updated)

There is a separate update for the new CDS protocols, read the above update too though as both mention new procedures for Child Dispute Services.

For the CDS there are of course different and increased needs for physical attendance at court, and some of the information is repeating information from previous practice notes (like ensuring parties don't travel to other floors) but there is a general desire to try and use electronic alternatives.


Don't forget filing fees

Don't forget the increased filing fees start on 1 July 2020, don't get caught out with the wrong amount (though that happens less now that we rely less on cheques). Check out the new fees by clicking the button.


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