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Marketing refresher

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

What if you have already started a law firm, but you are doing your own marketing and you want an update on what is happening in that sphere?

We are running an all-day event on 21 January 2021 for lawyers who are starting a new firm in 2021, or who did start a new firm in 2020. You can find out more about that event, and read all of the topics here.

However if you have an established firm and you would just like to join in for two of the marketing topics then you can do that too. If you book a demo with Shannel Fanous before 21 January 2021 then you can choose two topics and either join in on the day, or have the recording sent to you for free.

Our marketing or sales topics on the day include -

  • You are one person - using who you are to sell what you do - Jane Oxley @ Smokeball - read more about her talk here

  • Marketing - marketing yourself and networking to build your firm - Fiona Kirkman @ FamilyProperty

  • Where to find clients and how to automate responses to new enquiries - Janis Donnelly-Coode from Janis Consults

  • Marketing your firm - a panel discussion about the major platforms and the advantages and disadvantages of using each - Instagram, Facebook, and SEO / content generation - Kristal @ Coastal Lawyers - Janis @ Janis Consults - Monica from The Small Business Lounge

If you are interested in these topics then you can book yourself in with Shannel (below) or you can reach out to Janis at


If you want some, but not all of the content

Perhaps you have been in business for a while and so you don't need all of this information, but you do want to hear the content for one or two of the other talks?

If you book yourself in for a demo with Shannel before 21 January 2021 then you will get to choose two of the above talks and we will send you the video, slides and any other content from the talks for free.

You can book yourself in for a demo with Shannel, at a time that suits you, by following this link.

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