Starting a new family law practice?

Updated: Jan 13

Are you thinking about starting a new family law practice, or have you started one in the last year?

Join us on Thursday 21 January 2021 for this very practical discussion around starting your own firm, not being a family lawyer per se but setting up and running the business.

We have finalised speakers but we are still finalising timing (what talks will happen when). All of the attendees will receive video recordings for each talk.

We will of course also provide written information or checklists for you to follow up with later.

At the moment our speakers include:

  • 9am - welcome, handing out documents

  • 9:15am - Know your why - how do I choose which task to do next or where to spend money? - Amanda Little @ The Business Minded Lawyer

  • 9:45am - Workflow - don't just do what you have always done, how to re-write your workflow - Deb Vella @ Support Legal

  • 10:15am - Why you should call an accountant even for collaborative or mediated matters - don't just take the number from the bottom of the financial reports - Mariano Rossetto, Director of Forensic Accounting @ Vincents

  • 11am - You are one person - using who you are to sell what you do - Jane Oxley @ Smokeball - read more about her talk here

  • 11:30am - A lawyer who acts for himself has a fool for a client - this and other lessons (like what you should outsource and when) taken from his 40 years experience of running a law firm - Bruce Coode @ Adams Partners Lawyers

  • 12 Noon - An ounce of prevention - setting yourself up for success - Mariano Rossetto, Director of Forensic Accounting @ Vincents

  • 12:30pm - Your support network matters - you need a specific professional network, why not start your own? - Cristina Huesch @ Alliance Family Lawyers

  • 2pm - Marketing - marketing yourself and networking to build your firm - Fiona Kirkman @ FamilyProperty

  • 2:30pm - Sales - how selling a service is different to selling a product - Shannel Fanous @ FamilyProperty

  • 3pm - Graphic design - what can you use Canva for, and how much will a graphic designer cost?

  • 3:30pm - Automation - it isn't just about one big plug and play program, let's talk about all the 'bite-sized' automation (many of which are free) that can take care of other steps in your workflow - Deb Vella @ Support Legal

  • 4pm - Automation - how to automate finding clients - where to find clients - Janis Donnelly-Coode from Janis Consults

  • 4:30pm - Marketing your firm - a panel discussion about the major platforms and the advantages and disadvantages of using each - Instagram, Facebook, and SEO / content generation - Kristal @ Coastal Lawyers - Janis @ Janis Consults - Monica from The Small Business Lounge

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact Janis Donnelly-Coode by email on

If you would like to join us on Thursday 21 January 2021 then please fill out the information below.

If you want some, but not all of the content

Perhaps you have been in business for a while and so you don't need all of this information, but you do want to hear the content for one or two of the other talks?

If you book yourself in for a demo with Shannel before 21 January 2021 then you will get to choose two of the above talks and we will send you the video, slides and any other content from the talks for free.

You can book yourself in for a demo with Shannel, at a time that suits you, by following this link.

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