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New feature - automated Consent Orders

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We are really excited to be launching (later this week) our fully automated Consent Orders for our lawyer subscribers. You will now be able to take the information in your spreadsheet and generate a set of Consent Orders.

First of all the program will ask you for all those bits of information that you need for Consent Orders but not for settlement, like which Court you are filing the documents in, and the BSB number for the bank accounts.

Once you have completed that you just hit save and you can download a set of Consent Orders in Word, saving you hours of copy typing. There is also an Applicant for Consent Orders in the product.

I am a lawyer subscriber

If you are a subscriber and you want to find out about this feature, which we are launching later this week, then you can -

I want to find out more

If you are not a subscriber and you want to find out more then you can book yourself in for a free private half-hour demonstration with Shannel, for free, and she will show you the automated Consent Orders and last week's new feature (read more about that here) can really reduce the fiddly administrative tasks for you in 2021.

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