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New feature - net proceeds view

We have a new feature where you can group connected items on the dashboard and just see the net proceeds view.

Here is a video with a number of our new features, including this option.


Net proceeds or show all items

Tim has been working hard on a number of new features, one of them is the ability to choose between grouping assets and liabilities together, or seeing them all laid out one under the other.

It is as simple as clicking an option in the top right-hand corner, and then you can choose to 'hide' some information so that you can focus on other things, or see all of the information laid out for you.

Go and have a look at the feature in one of your active matters now.


Did you know?

Did you know that you can drag and drop items in the balance sheet? So if you want a certain item at the top, because you are working through that item with the client at the moment, just click on it and move it up.


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