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Want to see our product in action?

If you have not yet used our product then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Here are three instructional videos that we share with our users, but they will also show you what our product does. If videos aren't your thing then here are four blog posts highlighting some of our features.



Click on the image of the video to watch the video about our online automated Intake Questionnaires, our Balance Sheets or our (email free) Two-Way Disclosure system.


Blog posts

If you want to read rather than watch then here are some blog posts regarding certain featuers of our product.

Intake questionnaire

Our product started with the plain English intake questionnaire and was built out from there. It is also the first part of your client's journey.

While automation is often time consuming you will find that this product is ready to go, no time required from you, just get your clients started by emailing them a link. Click here to read more.

Email free disclosure

Is this what your disclosure looks like at the moment? There is another way. Click here to read about our approach to disclosure.


Facebook group

Would you like to join our Flexible Family Law Facebook Group? It isn't just for lawyers it is for all professionals in the family law ecosystem. We share tips and relevant information, network and ask questions. Click here to join.


Improve the client journey

Have you ever had a client comment (positively) on your legal tech? We get feedback like this from our users all the time. Our product has been created with your client in mind, with questions in the portals being written in plain English and with plain easy to understand visual balance sheets. Book a demo today to see how our product can help your clients, click here to choose a time that suits you.

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