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Reduce stress - for you and for me

Part of the reason that we created FamilyProperty was to reduce stress for both the professional who are using the product, and their clients who are accessing the information.

Family Law can be stressful

It wouldn't be news to you that dealing with the Family Law system can be quite stressful for all involved. It is hard because no one is really happy about the situation that lead to them accessing the Family Law system, and then the system itself asks the client to provide alot of information that feels irrelevant and unnecessary.

FamilyProperty aims to create a gentler access point for clients, which is great for everyone involved. The clients can complete the online client intake questionnaire in their own time, on their mobile phone or their computer, and they can complete it literally in their own space.

Better yet, while it does take a bit of time for the client to complete the questionnaire, without our online questionnaire the mediator or the lawyer would have to spend that time to go through all of this with the client. Using this process the client saves money (by not using the lawyer or mediator for this part). Furthermore the professionals who use our system would much prefer to spend their time giving their value added and relevant advice to their clients, rather than completing spreadsheets and checklists of documents.

A different approach

Our product is different because it was originally created with the client in mind. That might seem odd, because our product is then sold to the lawyer or the mediator, but for our users the client journey is very important. The online client intake questionnaire is the result of months of time invested in getting everything into plain English, and using decision tree technology to get rid of as much information as possible that is not relevant to the particular client. Our online client portal is easy to use, it tells the client what documents are needed based on their actual situation rather than giving them a lot of information that may not be relevant, and again it gives the client the opportunity to do the homework and save their money for more valuable professional advice.

Our users don't want to their interaction with their clients to be all about documents and dates and addresses, they want to get past all that administrative stuff and dive into helping the client.

So why should you use FamilyProperty?

You should use FamilyProperty because it is less stress for everyone, less stress for the client and less stress for the professionals. By allowing the client to go through the information at their own pace and in plain English it means that the lawyer or mediator can invest their time in providing advice and helping to move the matter forward, rather than investing their time in collecting all of the infromation required in the first place. Our users don't want to do that work anyway, it is frustrating, and their clients don't want to pay for someone else to do that work if they can do it themselves.

If you are a client and you are ready to get started with your online intake questionnaire then please click here for some quick instructions regarding how to get started.


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