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Starting a new family mediation practice?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Are you thinking about starting a new family mediation practice, or have you started one in the last year?

Sign up to receive the recordings and papers from this very practical discussion. We know you are sick of advice aimed at lawyers and that is not what this day is about.

Each speaker only goes for half an hour, because we know you probably have event fatigue, and we want to provide you with different types of input.

The speakers for this event were:

  • Arbitration - Patrick Parkinson AM & Kelly Stanford - when should I send a client to arbitration, and what is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

  • Setting yourself up for success - Mariano Rossetto - Director of Forensic Services at Vincents

  • Smart forms and automation - Tim Kirkman - how can our product help mediators?

  • Marketing - The ethical boundaries for marketing your practice - Joanne Law @ Mediation Institute

  • Automation - what can you automate, things that people don't think about that can save you time and stress - Deb Vella @ Support Legal

  • Sales - how selling a service is different from selling a product, and how to actually sell yourself once you get the client on the phone - Shannel Fanous @ FamilyProperty

  • Marketing - marketing yourself and networking to build your firm - Fiona Kirkman @ FamilyProperty

  • Where can I find clients, and what do I do once I find them? - Janis Donnelly-Coode @ Janis Consults

  • Panel discussion - Which social media channel - Kristal from Coastal Lawyers talks about Instagram - Monica from The Small Business Lounge talks about Facebook - Janis from Janis Consults talks about SEO

We wanted this to be practical for you, it isn't about how to be a mediator but rather the business side of things. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact Janis Donnelly-Coode by email on

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