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Using the Dashboard - adding an asset

If your client hasn't completed the intake questionnaire, or you are in the middle of the matter, then it is quick and simple to add an asset or liability to the dashboard.

Just go into FamilyProperty and open your client's matter.



If you find videos to be more helpful, then here is a two-minute video of me adding my client's assets and liabilities in a standard 'house and car' asset pool.


If you want the client to complete all of the information, including uploading all of the attachments from the start you can do that too. Have a look at the instructions for choosing which sections to send to your client here.

If you need to send your client some instructions to tell them how to get started using the client intake questionnaire, we have provided those here.


Flexible Family Law

We have a free Facebook Group for all professionals who work in the Family Law ecosystem, not just lawyers. if you would like to join then click here.

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