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How to choose which parts of the client intake you send

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We know that clients are different, and some clients cannot cope with all of the questions all at once. You can now customise the client intake questionnaire, allowing you to select those parts that you need right now so you can open a file and give an initial advice. You will still be able to enter the other information later, so don't worry about not including it in the questionnaire. You can also send the questionnaire a second time with different questions, from the dashboard, and you have always been able to send the client portal separately.

Here are some step by step instructions if you are using our customised client intake for the first time.



That's all it takes. If you are an existing customer then all of these steps above are part of the annual fee, before the per matter upgrade. You can use this questionnaire for all new enquiries if you like. You can also download a word document once they have completed the questionnaire with all of their answers, if you want to save those initial instructions for any matters where the client doesn't proceed with you.

We have also provided a blog for your client, showing how the client fills it in from their side (or send it to the client if they are struggling), and this blog about what to do once the client has filled it in. This blog shows you how to send the client portal, and this blog shows you how to send the questionnaire from dashboard.


If you don't know what our client intake questionnaire is all about then you can head over to this page to check it out. You can interact with our Legal Chat Bot as though you were the client and you will be sent the questionnaire. Don't take our word for it, see it for yourself.

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