• Janis Donnelly-Coode

How to use the customised client intake questionnaire

We know that clients are different, and some clients cannot cope with all of the questions all at once. You can now customise the client intake questionnaire, allowing you to select those parts that you need right now so you can open a file and give an initial advice. You will still be able to enter the other information later, so don't worry about not including it in the questionnaire.

Here are some step by step instructions if you are using our customised client intake for the first time.

That's all it takes. If you are an existing customer then all of this is part of the annual fee, before the per matter upgrade. You can use this questionnaire for all new enquiries if you like. You can also download a word document once they have completed the questionnaire with all of their answers. You can also read this blog about how the client fills it in from their side (or send it to the client if they are struggling), and this blog about what to do once the client has filled it in.

Try using it for everything for two weeks, see how much time it saves you and your support staff. If you aren't an existing customer then you can trial the product for two weeks for free, just check out our home page for the link or click here. No tricks, no credit card required. We are confident that if you use our product it will save you time.

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