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Did you know Canva could do that?

This is just a collection of a few things that Canva can do that you may not realise, even if you are already using Canva.

If you are new to Canva in this post I cover the basics of Canva.


Sometimes you need to reduce the file size for an image, usually because you want to upload it somewhere. You can both set the shape of the image and reduce the file size quickly and easily in Canva. Here I have chosen an Instagram post, because I want a square size, and "Compress file (lower quality)" under "Download" when I download the image. This is a feature in the paid version of Canva.


If you are planning to use an image like this on your website, or in conjunction with another graphic, it can be useful to have a version that has no background. We have previously covered removing the background from a photo here, but if you have a clear and simple image or graphic like this you can also remove the background at the stage of downloading.

This is also a feature in the paid version of Canva.


Want to see the rest of my posts about Canva? Here is a blog which collects all the links as an index.

This series of posts about Canva was shared as part of our Flexible Family Law Facebook Group. We don't just talk about Family Law but also business skills, like upskilling in Canva, or helping a workmate to upskill so you can assign them some tasks. If you would like to join our Flexible Family Law group (it is free) then click here.

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