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Using Canva - an index

Updated: Jun 23

Are you new to using Canva, or do you want to help a co worker to upskill and produce graphics for you? Have a look at our instructions to get you started, we have a series of five posts to take you through the process.

Using Canva - the basics

Start off here with all the basic so that you know how to open a project, choose a template, download your project and other basic moves.

Using Canva - using a template

Next we step through choosing a template and then reworking it to something that you can use. Read more about that here.

Using Canva - reusing an existing project

How to make a copy of an existing project and then change that project to suit a similar, but slightly different purpose. Read more about that here.

Using Canva - creating instructions

This is probably my favourite use for Canva, writing easy to follow instructions (by using self sufficient graphics). You can read more about using Canva to write instructions here.

Using Canva - changing size

How to replicate an existing project to use in a different place, more about that here.

Using Canva - edit a photo

How to use Canva to edit a photo so you can share it in the correct shape for that social media channel, and how to use Canva on your phone.

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