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Our disclosure portal - all the documents in one place

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

One of the big problems with financial disclosure in Family Law matters is that you end up with lots of documents spread across different places, usually a series of different emails. Emails from the client to you, from you to the other side, from the other side to you, what a mess. This is not only annoying but could lead to something being missed.

FamilyProperty has always collected the client's documents into one place for you. Now we have launched a feature to collect the other side's documents into the same place as your's, that is, the disclosure portal.

Whether or not the other side has FamilyProperty, they will have full access to the features of our disclosure portal including the document indexing and file grouping procedure. This is to encourage the other side to use the portal, by giving them something of value to them. We also have a brochure or letter for you to download to send to the other side when you send them the link to the disclosure portal, encouraging them to use it by highlighting the features.

If the other side does not use it and instead emails it to you or sends you some sort of cloud based link, then instead of doing what you do now and saving those files into your document software you can simply save them into the portal yourself. The portal will automatically prompt the document name changes, and you can indicate that it is a document from the other side so that it can continue to categorise them for you.

Our two way disclosure should be enticing to the other side because they have access to all the disclosure portal features that you have access to, which will save them time. If you want to check out some of the other disclosure portal features click on the relevant image below. If you are interested in having a free 14 day trial of our product, no credit card details required, then just head back to our home page.

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