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Client portal - sharing it with your client

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Do you know that you can share the client portal with your client at any time?

We understand that things change, instructions change or the market shifts and you need new valuations. Also some lawyers prefer to break up the homework for the clients, so get them to give you all the information in the questionnaire, and then later you can ask them for all the documents as a separate step.

While the client's disclosure portal is always active, they can always upload information for you, we understand that sometimes you need to remind them.


This is how you launch your client portal, click on Disclosure, then click on Client portal.


Now you have a shareable link to copy and send to the client.


That is all that is required. This is what the client will see.

If they upload something new then you will get a notification in FamilyProperty.


At FamilyProperty we want to save you time and frustration in dealing with all of the data and documents attached to your Family Law financial matters. We would love for you to try our product and book in a free demo with one of our resident family lawyers, who will upload one of your client matters into your FamilyProperty demo for you so that you can see and use your data. Head over to our free trial page to find out more, the trial does not require credit card details.

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