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Drag and drop bank statement analysis

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

What do you do when you get a stack of unorganised documents from the other side in lieu of financial disclosure? Pull out your highlighter, calculator and post it notes?

We want you to try another way. Try our new drag and drop bank statement reader, because we know you will love it you get your first document for free. 

You will then get a report breaking everything down into 52 categories for you, including gambling, cash withdrawals, external transfers and internal transfers, and different sources of income. The report is in an interactive PDF document, so if you want to further review the transfers then just click on that section and it will give you the details of all the transfers in one place.


All you have to do is go to our page

Click on "Let's analyse bank statements!"


To get your free trial don't log in, just click on "Choose a PDF bank statement" or else drag and drop your statement to the icon.

You will be asked for your name and email address but for the free trial you don't need any credit card details.

Once you have dragged and dropped yoru statement, or clicked on the link and chosen and uploaded your statement, you will get a "Done!" screen telling you that it is being analysed.


So when you get this screen you know your statement is being analysed. You can close this screen.


Once you close that window you will see a "Reports" option which you can click on to download the report, and the reports will be emailed to you so you can also find them in your inbox.


You will get a PDF report and a CSV report (which is called an Excel report). You will get a searchable interactive report that groups income and expenses into 52 different categories that you can review online, showing you things like sources of income or suspected gambling expenses.

If you like it, the pricing moving forward is simple - $10 a PDF document (no matter how many transactions). You do not have to be a FamilyProperty customer to use it, just go to the website and set up an account for your firm. If you want to find out more about this screen scraping technology then go to the landing page and check out the FAQs at the bottom fo the page, or send us an email.


Client testimonial

Our product is great not only for in depth analysis of the numbers by the solicitor, but also for getting the clients more involved and helping them to understand the asset pool for themselves.

If you are interested in the product then why not sign up for a free trial here, or you can book yourself in for a free one hour demo here.


Facebook Group

We have a Facebook Group called Flexible Family Law for those who work in the Family Law ecosystem, not just for lawyers. If you would like to join it then click here.

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