New email settings - changing the template

So you have decided what you want to write in your email template, how do you make those changes? Below are a set of instructions to help you with those changes, if you want to print them off as a set of PDF slides then scroll right to the bottom and you can download my instruction slides.

If you haven't decided what to write yet, and you would like some help with that, then please read our other blog post here.

To make the changes start by going to Firm, and then Settings from your "My matters" screen.

Click on "Email settings"

Click on the email that you want to customise.

Here is the text that you can change.

Don't change this text. It is boring and pragmatic so there is no need, and also it is the actionable (and therefore important) part of the email. You can check out how to change the tone of the email by changing the text around it on the other blog post here.

You can simply add text or delete text that is already there like you would in any word documents. You can also copy and paste in text from another document.

Don't forget to save. Internet connections and computers aren't that reliable so maybe save more than once while you are re-writing the template in case your have spent ten minutes on it already and your internet connection drops out.

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Would you like printed instructions?

If you would like these instructions as a set of PDF slides then please click on the button below.

New email settings - questionnaire invit
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