• Janis Donnelly-Coode

Customised Intake - because clients are different

We know that all of your clients are different. Some can cope with a lot of online interaction, some need it in bite sized pieces. Some understand their own financial situation very well, some need to be guided more.

While we work hard to make our client intake questionnaire as simple as possible, we know that some family property matters are even more simple. We also know that some of your clients will struggle to complete large amounts of information and might need the information sent to them in bite size pieces.

For this reason we have rolled out a change that allows you to choose which parts of the intake questionnaire you send to the client.

Perhaps you are just getting them to complete basic information, like their details, the other side's details, their children's details and some basic asset information. Then you can later have a web conference with them where you screen share either the intake questionnaire or dashboard and go through the more complex matters with them, entering the data straight into the product as you go. This allows you to still do your information collection completely online, while also allowing you to tailor the experience to the capacity of your client.

Family law financial matters are complex. We know that understanding and capturing important information from your clients can be difficult and incredibly time consuming. We want to make changes to help you with that.

If you want to find out more about the product then you could reach out to us for a free demo, or sign up for a 14 day free trial on our home page.


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