Giving a party viewer access - for mediators

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Did you know that you can give a party viewer only access to their own dashboard? You can do this from the matter access screen or from your matter dashboard.

Why would you do this? There are a few reasons, like giving a barrister or solicitor access to the dashboard for their own client, or giving certain staff members access to all matters. Sam talks about all of those options in this video here.

Giving your client viewer access

Today we are going to have a look at giving your client, or a party to mediation, viewer only access to their matter. It is actually really simple, and once you have given your client viewer access you don't have to worry about emailing them each separate proposal or calculation, you just save it as a version and they can view it themselves at home. Just make sure that you give them access to the correct tab.

Above you can see how to get to the 'Users' section, and also where to double-check that you are in the correct tab. The tab that is selected should automatically be the same as the dashboard that you have open, but you don't want to accidentally give a party to mediation access to the other party's tab (unless you have permission to do that) so just double-check at this step. If you make a mistake you can always remove access, but it is best not to need that step in the first place.

Now you just click on add, under other users, enter their details and click on save. For a party to a matter or a client we would recommend giving them viewer only access, or else they could make changes in your working balance sheet. The user level of access is for people inside of your organisation, or for a barrister or lawyer who you might give access to their own party's matter.

Remove access

Again, better not to need this, but if you need to remove access then just go back into users and then click on the 'Remove' button next to the person whose access you need to remove.

Giving viewer access is quick and simple to do. Now the parties can look at their own spreadsheet themselves at a different time to you, so they can access the user friendly summary of their assets whenever it suits them.

If you are unsure what level of access to give to them then the different levels of access are explained when you open Users. We wouldn't recommend giving a client or party anything higher than viewer access.

In conjunction with this feature you could use the 'Save versions' feature to save some of the proposals as you are going, so the client or party can look at what that means in real life, in their own time and space. If you want to find out how to save versions then read this blog.

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