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How to create a matter - for lawyers

There are two ways to open a matter in FamilyProperty. One is for the Legal Chat Bot to do it for you, that is you send a link to the client, they put in their data and the Chat Bot opens a matter inside of FamilyProperty. I tell clients that I prefer to do it this way because it reduces data entry errors (they are unlikely to get their email address wrong, for instance) and I find that most clients understand that and are happy to do this step. If you want to set up your Legal Bot to do this for you, follow these instructions.

Here are some step by step instructions if you are opening a new matter.


Now you have the choice of using the questionnaire, that is sending the online client intake questionnaire to the client for them to complete their information. If this is a new client then you probably want to do this.

If it is not a new client, if you are opening a matter for an existing client, then you probably want to choose Dashboard.

Below are the instructions if you want to choose questionnaire.


Please note that if you unselect client portal (which is all of the documents that they need to upload) then you can easily send that to them separately, and later. Here are the instructions to send them the client portal later.


That's all it takes. If you are an existing customer then all of this is part of the annual fee, before the per matter upgrade. You can use this questionnaire for all new enquiries if you like. You can also download a word document once they have completed the questionnaire with all of their answers.

You can read this blog about how the client fills it in from their side (or send it to the client if they are struggling), or send it to your less tech savvy clients if you think that will help them. You can read this blog about what to do once the client has filled it in.

If you want to customise the email that goes to the client when they receive the link efor the questionnaire then you can read more about that here.


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